Confirmed Sessions Topics

Empowering youth leaders, coaches, officials and participants to recognize,  understand, respond and prevent to issues of abuse, bullying, harassment and  discrimination.

Facilitated by: Wayne McNeil, Respect Group

Sponsorship Bootcamp

Session Description:

This half day workshop is a fantastic professional development opportunity for those new to sponsorship (less than 2 years) or as a refresher for a more seasoned industry professional in our ever-changing and evolving industry.

Facilitated by: Sponsorship expert Brent Barootes of Partnership Group – Sponsorship Specialists

Athletic Development: Building the complete athlete

Session Description:

To optimize the development of your athletes, bridge the gap between physical literacy and high performance training by gaining a better understanding of current sport research, coaching best practices, and scientific training principles. We will teach you developmental appropriate movement patterns and training techniques to aid in building a strong functional framework for your athletes.

Facilitated by: Jodi Minton, Be Fit For Life and James Phillips Alberta Sport Development Centre

Dynamic Warm-Up and Injury Prevention for the High School Athlete

Facilitated by: James Phillips, Alberta Sport Development Centre

How to Manage Risk and Implement Safe Sport -Sport Law and Strategy Group

Session Description: 

Although good policy development is critical to safe sport, it is most effective when used in connection with an implementation strategy. This interactive session explores some of the leading-edge processes being used to implement safe sport and how they are building a culture of trust along the way.

Learn how sport organizations are enhancing their risk management strategies by:

  • Collaborating with stakeholders to create an evidence-based transparent and accountable safe sport experience
  • Ensuring their policies are communicated to all stakeholders including athletes
  • Using athlete engagement to measure safe sport adherence and accountability on the field of play
  • Enhancing positive relationships and trust between athletes and their organizations

Facilitated by: LJ Bartle, Sport Law & Strategy Group

Setting Expectations on Behaviour for Coaches, Athletes, Parents and Officials – Sport Law and Strategy Group

Session Description:

A massive culture shift is happening around behaviour in sport. Athletes have found their voice and they’re being heard. Behavioural norms are being redefined. And so are the sanctions. This interactive session will help anyone involved with sport to understand how to adjust to these changes and ensure you are staying ahead of the curve.

Learn how sport organizations are raising the bar on behaviour at all levels by:

  • Aligning with leading-edge policies and practices
  • Closing policy loopholes that allow inappropriate behaviour to remain unchecked
  • Ensuring expectations are communicated and adopted

Facilitated by: LJ Bartle, Sport Law & Strategy Group

*More sessions will be added as speakers are confirmed

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