What is YQU Sport 4 All?

The YQU Sport 4 All is a FREE multi-sport after school program for grades 4 – 6. It is an inclusive and equitable program that engages youth with limited opportunity to participate in sport and recreation due to barriers such as cost and transportation and is run by qualified coaches.

Prior to Covid-19 schools were aware of high percentage of students that missed out on sport and recreation opportunities because of barriers like high program fees and equipment costs. There were other barriers identified such as transportation for the youth after the after school programs. Parents that are working cannot get away to pick up children and depend on school busing.


Inequities that were already present in the community have been increasing due to the pandemic and will likely continue for some time. Providing a multi sport program that reduces barriers to sport and recreation to engage populations who have had less opportunity to participate is the YQU Play-4-All program’s mission.


Historically, after school programs have fallen on the shoulders of teachers and parent volunteers. We know that teachers in these schools have unique challenges in their classrooms with very little additional support. They are chronically over capacity and are not always able to offer extracurricular opportunities. The Grande Prairie Regional Sport Connection’s YQU Sport 4 All program identifies and trains leaders from the community that will then deliver the coaching. The trained coaches will receive credentials that will enable then to run high quality, developmentally appropriate programs.