Online Try-It Day: VO2Max

Join coach Janine, from the VO2Max, and learn skills for a full body workout in the Grande Prairie Regional Sport Connection’s Online Try-It Day supported by Pembina Pipeline Corporation.

Please see the list of items you will need to consider to set-up prior to watching the video.


Things You’ll Need to Participate

You may have the “proper” equipment available at your house but, due to social distancing some of us may need to get creative and use household items – either is acceptable and see the options/ alternatives below:

  • Weights: Don’t have dumbbells or a kettle ball? Try using – bag of potatoes, jug of water, or a bag filled with items to make it weighted
  • Bench: don’t have a workout bench? Try an ottoman, a picnic table, the edge of a bed, or just the floor.


The Grande Prairie Regional Sport Connection warns you to make sure all workouts are done in safe areas with plenty of room to avoid injuries. All workouts and challenges are done at your own risk and all precautions for safety should be taken at all times.